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Thermal Air Ceramics Ø125

Type ØD
C100 ≤99 3,3-4,9-8,0
C125 ≤124 3,3-4,9-8,0
C150 ≤149


The Thermal Air Ceramics developed and produced by us are intended for use in compact ventilation systems with heat recovery in all existing modifications.

The Thermal Air Ceramics we have developed are created according to our own unique design with a unique technology of heat absorption and heat transfer for specialized use in all existing modifications of compact ventilation and heat recovery systems of any manufacturer in sizes 100 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm.

The Thermal Air Ceramics we have developed are specifically designed for maximum energy efficiency.

Thanks to the unique design of the Thermal Air Ceramics we developed, it is possible to choose the thickness of the ceramic element.

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