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Black filters

Type ØD
F80 80 10
F80-G4 80 10
F100 100 10
F100-G4 100 10
F125 125 10
F125-G4 125 10
F150 150 10
F150-G4 150 10
F160 160 10
F160-G4 160 10


Article Description   Class   Connection
F80 filter, Ø80mm, 3 pcs. PPI30 / ISO Coarse <40% Ø 80 mm
F80-G4 filter, Ø80mm, G4, 3 pcs. G4 / ISO Coarse 65% Ø 80 mm
F100 filter, Ø100mm, 3 pcs. PPI30 / ISO Coarse <40% Ø 100 mm
F100-G4 filter, Ø100mm, G4, 3 pcs. G4 / ISO Coarse 65% Ø 100 mm
F125 filter, Ø125mm, 3 pcs. PPI30 / ISO Coarse <40% Ø 125 mm
F125-G4 filter, Ø125mm, G4, 3 pcs. G4 / ISO Coarse 65% Ø 125 mm
F150 filter, Ø150mm, 3 pcs. PPI30 / ISO Coarse <40% Ø 150 mm
F150-G4 filter, Ø150mm, G4, 3 pcs. G4 / ISO Coarse 65% Ø 150 mm
F160 filter, Ø160mm, 3 pcs. PPI30 / ISO Coarse <40% Ø 160 mm
F160-G4 filter, Ø160mm, G4, 3 pcs. G4 / ISO Coarse 65% Ø 160 mm

Filters are an essential part of any ventilation system, ensuring clean, fresh air for your home or business. Made of durable polyurethane or polyester, our filters effectively capture dust, debris, insects, and pollen, providing healthy and comfortable indoor air quality.


  • Durable materials:Our filters are made of high-quality polyurethane or polyester, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Effective filtration:Our filters trap dust, debris, insects, and pollen, ensuring clean and healthy indoor air.


  • Air ducts:Our filters are ideal for use in air ducts, removing contaminants before they enter your home or business.
  • Grilles:Our filters can be easily installed in ventilation grilles, providing additional protection from airborne particles.
  • Wall sets:Our filters seamlessly integrate into wall ventilation sets, enhancing the overall air filtration system.
  • Recuperators:Our filters are compatible with Heat recovery units, ensuring efficient heat transfer and clean air circulation.


  • Improved indoor air quality:Our filters effectively remove harmful contaminants from the air, creating a healthier indoor environment.
  • Reduced maintenance costs:Regular filter replacement helps to extend the lifespan of your ventilation system and reduce energy consumption.
  • Convenient installation:Our filters are easy to install and maintain, making them a hassle-free addition to any ventilation system.

Filters are the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve indoor air quality and protect their health. With their durable construction, effective filtration, and wide range of applications, our filters are an essential investment for any home or business.

Made of polyurethane or polyester
For trapping dust, debris, insects or pollen

Used in air ducts, grilles, wall sets and recuperators

Colors: Black, white


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