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Touch Screen Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality MONITOR which can contribute to improving the microclimate of life

SMART FLOW TSD can monitor the concentration of:

– PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 in the air;
– Smoke;
– CO;
– Temperature and humidity;
Optional can monitor:
– Methan CH4;
– LPG;
– CO2;
– Hydrogen H2;
– Ammonia MN3;
– Benzene

So you understand whether the environment is healthy and comfortable, and improves the quality of life
– using an air conditioner dries the air when opening the window in winter condensation occurs, a prerequisite for – disease-causing organisms
– in the summer, polluted air mixed with dust and solid particles enters, for all these problems the monitor alarms, and if it is complete with the ventilation system SMART FLOW, it eliminates them.


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