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What is Smart Flow, what is this system for and what are its advantages!

Smart Flow is a unique system that has no analogues in terms of quality, cost and functionality.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and heating, we have created a unique compact air ventilation and heat recovery system designed to solve the vital needs of mankind, with the ability to protect and save energy costs associated with human life, with the ability to protect human health, improve quality life and reduce energy costs from 40% to 60% associated with human activities.

This system was created on the basis of many years of experience in creating this type of systems that contribute to a significant qualitative improvement in the life and professional qualities of a person both in residential premises and in offices, at workplaces, in industries with a qualitative improvement in recreation, working capacity and productivity of staff and employees.

The main advantages of Smart Flow:
– Value for money, quality and functionality
– Unique software developed by us for individual use of the system
– WiFi control access code
– Extremely flexible settings for all operating modes of the system
– Multi-level protection system against overheating, overload and safety
– Possibility to choose the color or design of the internal fan and front grille
– Possibility to select control display or system control method
– The system complies with all ERp regulations
– 2 equal fans are built into the system, which operate in reverse mode with the highest possible performance, depending on the configuration, at the highest performance values in their class.
– Possibility of operation of both fans at the lowest speeds and with the lowest consumption at the lowest noise level
– Smooth adjustment of all settings
– Smooth adjustment of speeds from 0 to 10 in various selected individual modes
– Smooth adjustment of the frequency from 0 to 10 minutes in various selected individual modes
– Adjustment of the set temperature of incoming air
– Adjustment of the desired humidity in the room
– Ability to individually adjust the humidity in the room if you want the humidity to be higher or lower
– The temperature regime of the system at an outdoor temperature of +60 to -40 °C.
– Ability to select any mode at the request of the user
– 100W electric heater that works in pulsed mode and can be forcibly turned off to save energy.
– Ceramic element acting as a heat regenerator
– 2 filters – activated carbon filter for odor removal and particulate filter
– Thermal sensor
– Humidity sensor
– Detects and displays room temperature
– Detects and displays indoor humidity
– One board can control up to 5 devices
– Each device has its own unique NAME
– WiFi Control all devices
– The possibility of simultaneous and separate control from the display, smartphone or from the power cable with a contact key – everything is available and at an individual choice
– Wi-Fi control of numerous systems from your smartphone
– Possibility of mounting from 33 cm to 20 cm on pre-order models
– Extension of the installation length from 55 cm or more on request and depending on the thickness of the outer wall
– Mounting without tilt, the system is mounted without tilt, in a horizontal position.
– ease of care and cleaning
– 36 months warranty period
– warranty and post-warranty service
And many other additional features of the system with the possibility of improvement and modernization in accordance with the proposed new technologies.


The Smart Flow system is designed to prevent the entry of particulate matter, allergens and other pollutants from the external environment, to enrich the air we breathe with O2 – which improves brain activity, improves positive emotions. The system helps to remove excess CO2 and CO from the room, which negatively affect human health and lead to frequent headaches and premature fatigue, as well as to depression.
The system reduces humidity and prevents the formation of mold and fungi in the premises, which in turn lead to allergic reactions and malignant diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs.

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